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Please help. I am moving into a house with a kitchen that has no rhyme or reason. The cabinets are cherry, the countertop is butcher block, the walls & ceiling are white. I have to replace the vinyl kitchen flooring because of water damage.  I'm thinking of replacing it with another vinyl but don't know what color/pattern to get.  Do you have any suggestions for the walls, windows, and especially floor color.


Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  Depending on what your tastes are, you may want to consider using a vinyl pattern that "mimics" inlaid wood (it would be similar to the butcher block cabinet top), or you may prefer a vinyl that mimics tile.  

Unless you particularly like floral prints and designs, I'd stay away from them in a flooring pattern.  It just seems to get too busy, and you don't want to be replacing your floor every time your design mood or style changes!  In other words, opt for something fairly solid in color or a pattern that has "flecks" of color in it.  

As for paint, a warm taupe or a celedon green would be beautiful with your cabinetry.  The taupe is a "safe" color in that it isn't that different than white, except that there is a warmer tone and less contrast between the cabinetry and the walls.  The celedon green is a complimentary color to the cherry cabinets and will really make a beautiful impact in the room.  

Since you have a clean slate now, decide first on your flooring, then on the wall color.  If you end up with a vinyl that has "flecks" of color in it, you can take a color cue from that for the walls.  

Lastly, the ceiling should be the same color or a shade or two lighter than the wall color for the most pleasing effect.  

Hope this helps you.  

PS:  Don't replace that vinyl until you know and have repaired the source of the water damage. (You knew that.)

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