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QUESTION: Hi, 3 of the walls in my living room is covered with Knotty Pine with a Natural finish on them.  One of the walls is shared with a fireplace and one wall is painted drywall.

What type of window treatments would you recommend.  The windows are located along the walls that are knotty pine, at a 90 degree angle.

ANSWER: Hello Gloria ,

  2 inch Horizontal Blinds with a loop cord will raise and lower this blind nicely and would look nice ... and last perhaps 15 years . The slats are available with knots and in several natural shades for a finished surface . How deep are your casements ? Are there window cranks that may interfere ? Will the 2 inch deep blind fit nicely inside your casements ? What side would you like the controls to be located ? This is called an "Inside Mount" . "Outside Mount" means the blind is most likely to be installed above the window trim and will cover all the trim when lowered and closed . Spacer blocks will be needed to put behind the mounting brackets to allow the blind to pass over the projecting window trim and allow clearence for the slats to open and close properly . Importantly don't fail to mention while ordering to "add projection to the blinds' valance returns to cover the thickness of the spacer blocks . The Lengths of the blind pull-cords , loop-cords and tilt controls should always be observed and ordered to your personal reach specifications that will best suit you . In this one room , keep all blinds same colour and pattern .


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The windows are sliders.  So no window cranks.  The casement is about six inches.

So would you put any type of valance over the blinds, maybe something that matches the furniture?  Which by the way is in shades of avocado green, burnt orange tones, and tan.

Hello Gloria ,

   The Horizontal Blinds come with a valance -or- a Facia sometimes called . They will consistantly match the slats .
    Custom board mounted Valances -or- Cornice boards look nice to cover any Window Treatment . Cornice boards look the neatest over Horizontal blinds to me . Tie in colours from flooring and furniture and carry them into a board mounted Valance -or- Cornice board . This is commonly recommended and will always noticable and pleasing to the eyes . With the colours you have mentioned ... try Earth tones for the background and your colours in the foreground . Usualy ... since the Valances and Cornices [i.e. Topper Treatments] are up high , they can really bring a room to life as people walk in and take a look around . Often when I walk into a room I look to the furniture then the windows then the lighting and wall colours and finaly the ceiling .


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