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Thanks so much for your informative, quick reply.  One more question thought, what about the draperies.  Do you think I need to have the same drapes in the dining room as the living room.  There is only one (although pretty big) window in each room.
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My question involves where to start and stop with paint colors, etc. in an L-shaped area.  My front door enters at my living room which L's into my dining room.  Do the walls, floors, draperies, etc. need to match since they essentially are the same room?  Also, I have 6 steps off my living room up to a small hallway and bedrooms.  Does my living room color extend up the steps and through the hallway? If not, where do I stop with the color.  Currently everything is white as it was the day we bought it.  I'd really like to add color, but don't know where to end/begin with colors.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks.
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Great question, and one I get a lot.  The rule of thumb is to stop and start paint colors at "natural" stopping points; where one wall meets another, where the ceiling and wall height meet and/or where there is a molding or separation between one area and another.  

For L shaped rooms as well as great rooms, it's best to keep the wall colors the same.  That does not have to be white though, and it sounds as if your home would benefit by adding some wonderful color.  

The stairway wall can be a different color from the others, by starting a new color at the beginning point of that wall and continuing that color to the ending point of the wall.

Select color that you love.  Once you paint one wall in your home (and finish the entire paint job before you analyze it) you'll be painting everything!  

Enjoy.  Thanks for writing!

If I were doing your home I'd probably "coordinate" rather than "match" the draperies in the two spaces., i.e., if the drapery fabric for the living area was a floral print (let's just say tan, gold and cranberry) I'd opt for a stripe for the dining room in the same 3 colors (tan, gold and cranberry).  

If you prefer that everything match, then use the same in both.  


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