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Need to put 2 and 3 year old girls in small bedroom (10.5 x 12.83).  Will be using x-long twin mattresses.  What type headboard and footboard (or no footboard) do you suggest to make best use of small room?  Also any suggestions for type fabric and patterns--one or more would give more visual space. Bedspread or coverlet with dust ruffle?  Curtains to bottom of sill, to floor or valance only?  Hope to find linen chest, small chest of drawers rather than dresser and possibly small hutch type with height.  Any help appreciated to fit in small room and appear to be spacious.

In order to utilize every inch of space, I'd create headboards that are either painted on (like tracing an arch and painting it in), floor to ceiling curtain behind each bed or I'd use inexpensive lattice (plastic or wood in white) from your home improvement store and attach it to the wall with heavy duty staples.  If you paint or use fabric to create a headboard, coordinate the paint/fabric color with each girl's bed linens.  

Curtains are optional if you use curtains as headboards.  With children this age, I'd probably opt for blinds or shutters for their window, fitting either you chose inside the window sill.  You could add a valance to that, but don't "overdo".  

My other suggestion is to visit an import store and purchase a wicker-type chest that can serve as a dresser/hutch combined, and let the girls share it.  Add some inexpensive door type mirrors (painted in the same color as the headboard) on one side of the room to "reflect" the space.  If you use more than one, use 3.  Odd numbers work best.

The thing to do in small spaces goes against what most people think.  That is - use LARGER pieces in small rooms, just use LESS pieces.  If you put a lot of small pieces in a small room, with small floral prints or small patterns, you're emphasizing the small aspects of the room.  

Don't leave the room white.  If you paint a color in there, even if it's a pale yellow or pink, it will give the room dimension and definition.  You can accessorize in white.


PS:  Don't forget...mirrors double the "visual" space in any room.

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