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Dear Jenny,

I had emailed you a month or 2 ago about decorating our front "formal", currently empty, living room as either a study or more casual living room. My husband and I just put a deposit down on a 5'9" baby grand piano. The room is 12'6" x17'11", in the front of our home, with good light, two front windows. When you enter our foyer, the room is directly to the right, and you enter on the 12'6" (shorter) side. It is rectangular shaped.

The piano is a polished walnut, a lighter walnut. We are having hardwood floors put in that will almost match the piano, and plan on an area rug, perhaps 2 chairs or a small sofa and chair sitting type area. The wall where we were going to put built in shelves will mostly be blocked by the piano, but we still may install them.

The piano store gave us a plastic "stencil" of the piano to lay on the floor to make sure the size was proportionate to the room. I am now having second thoughts on the size of the piano, thinking it may be too large/grand for the room? What are your thoughts?

Also, I was going to place the piano on the far right corner (seat/bench in corner), on a diagonal. In other words, if I am seated at the piano, the 2 front living room windows would be on my left. Would you recommend this arrangement?

Any other ideas/thoughts? Evan though there is a baby grand in the room, we still want to invoke a soft, casual and warm feeling in the room, so we plan on using lots of fabrics, pillows, and probably keeping the piano lid closed w/picture frames, other on top most of the time.

Just wondering if you have any other ideas, or if you think the piano may be too large for the room, and also, where I might find pictures/ideas of decorating a room with a piano. I looked on HGTV and only found one. Thanks!


Hi Linda,

Thanks for writing back!  I remember your question and am thrilled to see that you are still considering the built-ins.  Keep in mind they only take about 1-2 square feet of space, create a beautiful backdrop and providing you with storage and display space.  Don't give up on them!

The piano sounds like a fabulous touch.  The size is fairly standard for a grand (other than the concert grand) piano.  Before you totally commit to this one, you might consider a smaller version.  The Grands are available in several sizes (they may be special order or "digital" versus acoustic).  I own a digital that is a diminutive 3' 6".  It's all I had room for.  

Quick analysis of your space says that the piano should fit.  It will become the focal point of the room, naturally.  I like your placement idea for appearance.  If the piano is acoustic (traditional - no computer installed) you have to consider moisture, sunlight etc., as most acoustic pianos wear better near an inside wall.  

You have roughly 215 square feet of available space in that room.  I see no reason why you cannot have everything you mention.  As you work with this, you may want to visit and go to their room layout section.  There you can plug in your room dimensions, place your furniture based on their exact size, add your windows and even the piano.  Playing with this free tool on line will save you back/heart aches!


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