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Hi Alicia,
We got a new home with a corner fireplace in the
living room....its open to the dining/kitchen
area.....Living room is 13'9" wide x 24' long....
I do not have any wall long enough for a sofa
so am getting a med.greenloveseat, have a brown leather recliner for hubby, getting a burgundy
recliner for me and a club chair with ottoman
in a print (leaves and tiny burgundy flower)
Am not sure how to put furniture....cannot
float as my walk ways would be interrupted...
Windows on back of house wall....bedroom door
on other wall of fireplace and entry on opposite
side of room from fireplace.
Any suggestions?
Any help is greatly appreciated...

Sometimes we get accustomed to the same layout of furniture in a home.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to see the room differently.  

Your lifestyle of comfort is obvious what you've written.  So its important to have a seating group where everyone can be comfortable and each lifestyle function is maintained.  That may mean multiple seating areas.

My first thought is to maintain the recliners in a grouping as they seem to be the priority.  Perhaps just a small table between the two?  Keep the loveseat near them for guests.  Yet, reduce the size of a coffee table...OR use the ottoman as the coffee table.  This is a perfect solution to tie in your color scheme.

Now you have the club chair left...why not move it aside for a quiet reading corner, next to one of the windows or the fireplace?  Add a table and lamp and you've got another area to enjoy.

Think out of the box and use the space you have to maximum advantage by thinking first of "function".  What functions will happen in the living room?  Is the priority viewing the television or enjoying the fireplace?  Allow the room to become multi-user friendly, especially when family and friends are over.  

Good Luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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