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I have a house with its center section like a triangle on one side. About 2/3 is our "living room"/"family room" with bare walls with the slant. The other 1/3 is our kitchen with cabinets.

Everytime I put a picture up to hang, I don't. Its because of the slant it makes the room seem strange.

I'm trying to figure out ways to decorate that large open wall with the slant ceiling at its top.

Any ideas?


I think your best alternative in this case is to either creatively paint that wall, to visually lower the ceiling, OR to hang two very large pieces of artwork overtop one another on that wall.

If you opt to paint, consider painting the slanted wall a different and darker color from the other walls, and make the other walls (kitchen) and ceiling the same color.  In other words, if you paint the slanted and vaulted wall in a chocolate brown, paint the kitchen walls in pale blue and paint the ceiling blue.  This will trick the eye into some symmetry.  

The other paint option is to literally bring the ceiling "down" the wall a bit, making the slanted wall less noticeable.  Bring the ceiling paint down a good 2-4 feet if you need to, but careful measuring here is required.  You can do that with strictly paint, or you can add some molding strips to further separate the space.  


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