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We are moving soon in to the new house and I need to decorate our living room which is about 30 square meters. There will be a vanilla colour leader sofa on one side and wooden dinning table with six chairs (material on the chairs will be with beige/dark red strips). I would like to put light pink thin and dark red thick curtains on the windows. My problem are the walls. I would love to experiment and do one or two or even the whole room in a red with white molding finish?! If I would do the whole room in red colour than I would have to put beige curtains. What would you suggest me to do? I will be thankful for any idea.

Hi Emina,

Thanks for writing. I love the idea of the red/pink curtains. Try getting the material in a nice silk and get lots of it, so you have a very full window treatment. This looks very luxurious!

If you are going to do the red/pink window treatments, then I suggest that you do only 1 or 2 wall s in a color (prefrably the walls without the window treatments). Try picking a color to match your red strip on the chair. As always, with painting a red wall, I have to remind you to put a dark grey primer on the wall before painting red otherwise your red will turn out PINK! Also bring the reds and pinks in through flowers and throw pillows.

Sounds beautiful! Good luck.


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