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Hello Sarthak,

I move into my new loft in a couple of days and am so excited!

I seemingly have a million questions as I want everything to flow just right.

Quick description: the loft has 13' ceilings with exposed wood planks, duct work and steel girders. It is 700 sq f--one bedroom--open concept. When you enter the condo you are faced--25 ft ahead--with a window that stretches from the ceiling to a ledge two feet from the ground.

I am going with a modern look slash contemporary flare. My kitchen has white cabinetry with stainless steal appliances and a Grigio Sardo granite countertop. The floors are a light birch and my living room thus far has a black TV with a black lacquered stand and matching tower surround speakers; my sofa is black with an elegant and low white lacquered coffee table intersecting the two.

I was thinking of using a gray shag rug to section off this area and to paint the wall that houses the TV a similar colour in gray (Ralph Lauren's "Loft").

The opposite wall--accent wall and largest wall--I thought would look nice in red with white (or maybe black?) bookcases...

Then there is the ledge below the window that connects the two?

Not sure what colour to paint the top 5 feet or so of the kitchen area to delineate it from the rest of the room?

The support beam is situated almost directly beside the kitchen island (when you initially enter the suite it is in clear view straight ahead obstructing the living room. Should I leave it white, paint it a different colour/same colour as one of the walls, kitchen?

Thank you so much in advance!

Rob Hamaway

Hey Robert,
Extremely Sorry for this delay. I read the description of your house and I am really impressed with that.

I think for "The opposite wall--accent wall and largest wall" you should go for the black bookcase.

As far as the top 5 feet of the kitchen area is concerned you may paint that in dark brown or red. Dark brown cause that will go with your flooring color and Red cause it gives a very modern sense.

For the beam, its a bit debatable what color to do on that. But from the view that I have of everything I would suggest you to paint it in the color of the kitchen.

For the rug, yes grey would be good. Actually I was thinking for a more contrasting color with the flooring but then Other colors wont really work out well. So you may go with grey only.

Robert, I am really liking your house. Is it possible for you to send me pics of your new loft. I wanna see them. My id is If its alright with you then please send me the pics.

I hope I could be of some Help and once again very sorry for the delay.

Thanks n Regards


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