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I need help!
My 11x17 master bedroom has hardwood floors, beveled hardwood paneling and -this is the worst part - the 7' high ceiling is covered with 12"x12" hardwood tiled ceiling. The wood tiles are striated and are arranged in an alternating pattern so that it looks like a checkerboard. The room literally feels like walking into a large cedar chest!
One nice point is the east wall has three fairly large windows so getting sunlight is not an issue. The problem is I rent this house and the owner does not want any of the existing features changed. How do I furnish and what colors do I choose to make the room seem brighter, more modern and less country-claustrophobic?

Mirrors are a good answer here.  Make a grouping of them opposite the windows and get some much needed light in the space.  You could also use foam core (available at craft stores) and create "fake" walls that could velcro onto the panelling.  You could then paint the foam core, OR cover it with a favorite fabric.  Kind of "art to go".


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