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Hello, and thank you for answering my question. I love my home, but am at a loss as how to decorate it. As it is a manufactured home, it has higher ceilings which slant down to the side walls. I am estimating that the ceiling is 12 to 14 foot high, the side walls are about 8 foot. It makes the room seem squished at the outer edges. It's not practical to do anything other than paint, but I would like something to make a subtle effect that fools the eye instead of a stark contrast (such as painting the higher walls a dark deep color, and the adjoining walls a much lighter one). Can you help? Thank you again!

Hi Shirley, One way to make the walls and ceiling flow together would be to paint them all the same color. Use a medium shade of gold, tan, or taupe and paint all walls and ceiling the same in your primary living area. This would visually lift the walls and make everything seem more proportionate. The other thing to do is if you have any chandeliers bring them down a bit lower so they are closer to your table top which would pull things together.  Chandeliers should be about 30" from the table top.

Do not use many groupings of small pictures but using large artwork will again pull the height of the walls up and make the walls feel taller.  Hope this helps.

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