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I'm in the process of selecting a countertop surface. My first choice is white marble.  I have heard all the "experts" suggest that marble is not the best for a kitchen, and they steer me to granite.  I really dislike the look of granite, so that won't be an option for me, however, I'm beginning to get a little suspicious about the push away from marble.  Hasn't marble survived the centuries in very public places?  So many working kitchens of designers in magazines show marble on the countertop.   By the way, my main prep, cook and cleanup will be a 7' maple butcher block island.  I've tested ketchup, coffee, & balsamic vinegar on my sample, and it seems to clean up right away.  I haven't taken a hammer to the sample, but I doubt that anything really heavy will hit my counter.  What's the real story ?

The real story is that it is porous and will absorb stains like red wine, tomato anything and sauces that contain any vinegar or worchestershire.  It can be cleaned, and it can be sealed, but it still requires more care than other surfaces.  If you want marble, get marble.  


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