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Hi there,

We are currently in the process of priming our interior walls.  Our master bedroom has cathedral ceilings.  I would like your opinion on painting the room in a deep red.  Should I paint all the walls and ceilings the red? or what do you suggest.  There is also a master bathroom within our bedroom.

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for writing. I love love love a red room! I say every home should have at least 1 red wall, so good for you.

While you are still in the priming process, I want to remind you to use a DARK GREY primer. If you do not take this step, your walls will turn out PINK. Also choose a deep red color with a lot of base to it. Light reds tend to be very bright and just do not give off that rich dramatic color like a deap red will.

As far as your ceilings, I suggest painting them a taupe or darker cream color. I usually am all for bringing that color on the walls up into the ceiling, but with red, it gets to "closed in feeling."

As far as the master bath, this may be a room where you pull in the red on 1 wall and the taupe color from the master bedroom ceiling into the other 3 walls and ceiling. Something else dramatic you could do would to be paint all 4 bathroom walls taupe and the ceiling red! WOW...Nothing like making the neighbors talk, hey!

Sounds like you are off to a great start with good ideas to back it up. Have fun and good luck.

As always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed project to anytime.

Thanks again.


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