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We have a HUGE Master bedroom which I've just finished repairing/painting walls a color called "Silver Dollar" which is sort of a medium greyish tone (all walls in house are neutral colors of different tones according to the lighting in each room) and all trimwork is high-gloss brilliant white. The Master Bedroom has two medium sized windows on the house-front wall and then the other walls are just long! We have a queen sized bed w/headboard, 2 nightstands, 3 small bookcases (for all my books and CD's), two 4-drawer dressers, a desk & office chair, and 2 arm chairs with a side table. It's such a large room that I've had a very ANGUISHING time trying to sort it all out and make best placement of the room. The furniture all matches and is called Dolce and the color is called Walnut (which is sort of very dark brown with reddish-brown tones in it as well). The picture and mirror frames on the walls are all black. The furniture and accessories are all NOT "chunky/heavy" type. It's Contemporary styling we have in our home. The color scheme has also been very difficult for me, but worked out to be the grey, taupe, and because of the furniture it seemed to be that I had to try and bring in rust and add it to the accessories (pillows) in aqua/beige that I was trying to incorporate from the beginning.  So, I'm trying to decide furniture arrangement but I'm also dealing with the color issue (which looks "OK", but I'm wondering if I can improve on all of it). I had to wait 1 year to even begin on this project because of money (of course!) and now that I started it's taken me 2 months to get to this point and I feel I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but today I'm depressed again!  Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to give as I continue to struggle with this project (and my husband and daughter think I make too big a deal of it!)  Joy

Hey Joy, Congratulations on your home and I hope I can help. I have drawn up a floor Plan that I think would look most aesthetically pleasing but without knowing your room dimensions and where the door and closet is located I don't know if this will be much help. The image is located at:
If you can send any images and room dimensions then I can help further with color and space planning. Email pictures and dimensions to  

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