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I'm in love with the modernist furniture of Le Corbusier, but before I plunk down some major cash for a black, leather sofa, I'd like to know if I am tying myself down on decorating options. If I go with black/steel furniture, what can I do to match the rest of my home short of painting the walls blood red?


I love the look of this furniture.  Don't be afraid that it will limit your options.  Although blood red walls would look cool you can also balance the drama of the furniture with other wall colors such as platinum, deep purple, dark taupe, or even white.  You will need some elements of drama in the room such as large artwork on the walls.  You also could do a funky paint technique using wide bands of color or undulating bands of color places slightly higher than center of the room.  This could be fun and a dramatic backdrop to your new sofa.

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