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I am purchasing furniture for my family room. I have gotten 1 leather loveseat and I am in need of 2 more seats.  I would like to have 2 chairs opposite my loveseat.  My choices would be 2 leather chairs[matching my loveseat] or 2 upholstered chairs? I have alot of windows and on one wall their is a fireplace and directly opposite the fireplace is an armoire had painted from the 1800's.  Their is also a piano in the room.


Personally I think that two upholstered chairs would look better.

There needs to be some colour bringing the whole thing together so let's say for example your leather loveseat is tan, I would go for a patterned fabric on the chairs that is black, cream and tan and then have plain cushions or pillows  in black and cream on the chairs and the lovseat.

Obviously you can go for any colour combination you like but the main thing is that the colour of the leather needs to be in the pattern of the chairs and then those colours can be used for plain cushions and perhaps a rug in the middle of the floor space in between.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Other information I should have added...  I have an open floor plan. Upon entering the front door you see a dining table and a formal living room.The 3 windows are dressed in a dramatic black patterned fabric. The couches are green velvet and their is a matching chair and ottoman.  Also there is another antique chair with a paisly fabric. Adjacent to this room is a sun room area (no doors),in there are 2 bamboo club chairs withe a striped fabric and a large muslin like bamboo couch. The window valance in this room is the stripe from the chairs and a fabric called romantic vine in red and muslin.  To the right of the front door is the kitchen and family room I spoke about with the leather seating. There is also a small oak table with pressed back chairs in this room that will have chair pads. Also there are  10 large windows which are now covered in natural woven shades and will also have a fabric valance after I decide about the couches. As you can see I have alot going on on one floor.  I have tried to tie all the rooms together through fabric and paint color.  Because  of all the the fabric I have already picked out and the window valance and the chair pads I plan to do in the leather couch room I thought that the 2 leather chairs matching the love seat and sitting directly accross from them would be best.  I would  also add fabric pillows and a area rug.  One last thing would the leather love seat be a better choice or are you still feeling that I should go with the fabric chairs.  Thank you for any suggestions. I'm really confused.

Hi Lisa

I'm changing my vote!  :o)

Given the added information you have given me, I think that perhaps the leather seats would be best.

It is always hard in an open-plan home as you can see so easily from one room to another that the whole house almost has to match.

I love open-plan but it is tricky to decorate and given what you have told me about the other colours and patterns in your home (which all sound very nice by the way), I think the plain leather chairs are your best option.

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