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Hi Jenny, I have an interior design nightmare.  I have a great room to work with so I am hoping you can help me.  I have a large bedroom that has a vaulted ceiling, celing fan, one entire wall of very large windows and opposite of the windows, a built in across the wall plant shelf, the room is your basic off white.  It is really a lovely room under normal decorating circumstances.  Here is the problem.  This is the catch all room, also know as my office, den, lizard room, sewing room, music room, etc.....

You can see my delimna.  Way to many different things are going on in here.  I have a book shelf in a corner by the window at an angle facing the room, a computer desk in the other corner by the window at an angle facing the room, an entertainment center that takes up one whole wall, a keyboard that takes up the smallest wall between the entry door and the closet door (walk in regular door) and on the longest wall, I have a 30 gallan fish tank on a stand with a lizard in it and lights hanging all over the place.  In addition to this, I am storing archive tax record boxes in front of the window with a blanket thrown over them so it sort of resembles a window seat.  The only good thing is that all the furniture pieces are dark wood so I at least am color coordinated there.  I have no idea where to even start!  Can you help me?  I really like the Bali/Indonesian type theme and would like to head in that direction, but I am really having a hard time finding office and den type furniture items that can pull all these pieces together and still keeping the lizard and music in the room as well.  I am not opposed to getting rid of the furniture that I have.  

You do have a lot going on in one room, don't you?  I'd start by selecting a wall color.  White and off-white are not choices here because all of your furniture is dark and that creates too much contrast.  

If you like the Bali feel, consider using a golden shade of yellow, a nutmeg brown or at the very least a warm earthy taupe.  By adding color to the walls, you are defining the space and you'll be well on your way to creating a more pleasant place to work and play.

If you keep the furniture you have, try creating "areas" in the space for each activity.  Centralize your office furniture and create a storage area.  Your room most likely has a closet which would be an excellent spot for some file cabinets and/or shelves and will allow you to get the boxes out of the room.  Invest in a real desk - wooden, with a return for your computer, then set it up as the focal point in front of the windows.  You can find great deals on office desks at Staples and Office Depot.  

If you opt for some new things, look at online stores like Crate & Barrell (, Bombay Co (, Pier 1, (?) and Home Decorator's (

Lastly, pull the "Bali" style all together with wooden blinds for the windows and a large area rug (center it in the room) for the floor.


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