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Hi, My Name is Roopa. I Just painted my room, it is a Turquoise color, with a lighter blue on the edges,so basically the overall color of the room is turquoise. I want to design my room, to suit me.My room is upstairs in a Cape House, so the roof is caved in, (like a house-pointy)and has panel walls.          Im Indian, and I always wanted to use a sari to design my room. What should I do? I want my room looking Sexy and Spicy..not boring, yet Fun and alive, happening LOL. Im a junior in college and im going to be spending alot of time in my room, and i dont want to get sick of it hahah..Pls Help. Thanks so much for your time and help. really Appreciate it.

Hi Roopa,
There was actually a show on either Fine Living or HGTV where the owner of an apartment used saris to decorate for a party.  Such beautiful, gorgeous fabrics (some very old) were featured on walls as focal points and used to drape  windows.

For your room, if you're not worried about alterning the saris, why not make one into a window valance, or if you have a 4 poster bed, use them to drape the bed posts?  Think of the saris as jewelry and the turqoise the setting for the glimmer and shimmer!

You may also want to sew them into pillows and have LOTS of them atop of a luscious spread that complements them.  Very sexy!  If you have room for a chair or a chaise, drape one of them over the back as a throw and place a pillow there...another simple way to highlight the sari fabric.

Also, select a sari that you absolutely LOVE...take the sari with you as you shop for bedding.  Find coordinating bedding that works well with both the sari and the turquoise.  Once you're home take the sari and use it to drape the bed like a beautiful accent atop of the contrasting bedding.  

Don't forget that lighting is also important!  Find exotic and sexy lamps made of silks to complement the scheme.  Have fun with all elements of the room, such as storage boxes, hat boxes...the feminine accents that are so sexy. And take your time!  Enjoy the process of discovering how to put it all together.  Always seek to refine a design, adding even more elements as you grow into the room.

Good Luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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