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I just found your site and have enjoyed reading the archives.  Great information!  My husband and I bought our home last summer and are ready to decorate.  It is two stories: the lower being one great room of Living Area, Dining, and Kitchen; the upper three bedrooms and a loft that overlooks the stairwell.  Currently we have: loveseat/sofa set in dark khaki, pale rattan coffee/end tables/dining table with glass tops, pale entertainment faux wood laminate console and matching china cabinet, and a new 5x8 area rug in the living section that is plain cream in the middle with heavy neutral tropical foliage along the border.  The cabinet wall in the kitchen area is dark red (which we like) and every other wall is white.  The heavy neutrals in the area rug are moss green, rust, and a medium teal blue.

Our family is from Hawaii and we are very comfortable with the overall tropical feel of the space.  However there is SO MUCH neutral in the room right now that I dont know where to go with it.  I feel like I should stain the rattan to match the kitchen cabinets (possibly pine?) and possible paint the entertainment console and china cabinet but then I get stuck.

Also, I have no idea where to go with the other walls since the couches are so beige.  The red in the kitchen is great and I would normally pair that with a nice sand color but Im very afraid the couches would just blend in with the walls.  Help!

Hi Reese, Let me first say, thank you for the compliment. Secondly, you must have been thinking out loud in regard to your space, because all day yesterday, I kept seeing Tropical patterns and furniture, and yet I didn't have a single email mentioning that, until today.  Ummmm.........
Coming from a culture that embraces color and diversity, I would imagine that the blandness that you are currently living with is driving you up a wall, so I will gladly help you to brighten up your living space.
I love that you have shared the colors of your furniture & area rug with me, but I also need to know what type of light you have, as in windows and the lights that require light bulbs. What type of window dressing do you have? And, last but not lease, what is the size of this great room and the height of the ceiling.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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