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I am a female junior in college, and my friends and I have just gotten a new house.  We will be living here for 2-3 years, so I won't be making severely permanent changes to the room, but I will be painting, putting up shelves, curtains, and other minimal decorations.  The room is small (about 13x13), but in an slight "L" shape, with a window at the top of the room.  I have medium-brown furniture, and the carpet is off-white.  I want a seductive and sexy look for my room.  I don't want floral pastels (lilacs, pinks, etc); lately I have been drawn to rich gem tones, golds, but I have always like the contrast of black and silver.  I don't want the room to look masculine (ie with too many dark colors and lots of black), but I don't want it to be too girly and fluffy (I don't like florals).  I want a mature and elegant room, but I don't want it to look stuffy and so expensive that it is not condusive to hanging out and relaxing.  Any color schemes you could propose for the walls, bed, and curtains would be awesome!  (I am scared of dark colors on the walls because I feel like the room would look too small.)  I love a dramatic look, though.  I want the bed to be the focus.  I love candles and plants.  I hope this gives you a decent idea as to where to go with this!  Thanks for any ideas you can give me!

Your desire for such a sophisticated and elegant room speaks of great taste and style!  So, lets have fun!

First, your sexy, rich and seductive theme sounds very much like the latest style, called "glamour" some use Hollywood glamour, but in your case, lets simplify it.  

Second, the medium brown tones of your furniture works well with this style. The white carpet is great and even the shape of your room is unusual and can make the design more interesting. Your love of black and silver works marvelously with this look.

Third, the color scheme:  MUST be subtle, sexy and yes...carefully chosen. You like golds, so lets take it to another level.  I suggest getting the latest FREE Pottery Barn catalogue, Early Fall 2006...look on page 43.  You'll see a deep rich gold/ochre color on the walls.  This color says Glamour and Sexy!  It will also highlight any black and silver accents you may use in the room.

Finally, the bed:  Make sure you accent with white, black and silver.  Use white inexpensive panel drapes to flank the window.  Make the bed a statement by layering pillows.  They could be black with a pattern to add drama.  In the same Pottery Barn catalog, look on page131 for an idea on how to layer a bed.  

Fabrics:  select bedding that can be mix-matched for seasonal changes.  Don't get stuck with only one choice as bedding should be interchangeable.  When you purchase single item pillow cases and sheets, you can buy sale items and save money. Buying a bed in a bag is not my favorite thing to do. When you buy bedding this way, its more creative and you can swap sheets continuously throughout the year.  

The coverlet or comforter should be simple, quilted and without much pattern for a sophisticated look.  A solid or small pattern is okay in order to be able to work with your different sheet patterns.  Don't be afraid to mix sheets which have stripes with sheets with dots or other designs! See page 151 of the same catalog for an idea.

So, now you have the deep rich gold walls as the blank canvas. White drapes on the windows, white carpet, white pillow cases as a backdrop for the bed.  

Black accent pillows with perhaps a pattern.  Silver lamps with black lampshades.  A quilted patterned comforter/blanket that is pale gold or cream.  

Sheets that could be white with black stripes or black with a cream/gold pattern.  Do you see your bedroom taking shape?

Lastly:  accessorize with paintings and artwork you LOVE!  Buy only things that mean something to you.  There should be a story or familiarity with items you put in your bedroom.
Remember, there are small bookcases you can purchase at Target to hold your books and perhaps you can make that corner L-shape a reading/homework area.

Enjoy and have fun!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID  

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