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I am a female junior in college, and my friends and I have just gotten a new house.  We will be living here for 2-3 years, so I won't be making severely permanent changes to the room, but I will be painting, putting up shelves, curtains, and other minimal decorations.  The room is small (about 13x13), but in an slight "L" shape, with a window at the top of the room.  I have medium-brown furniture, and the carpet is off-white.  I want a seductive and sexy look for my room.  I don't want floral pastels (lilacs, pinks, etc); lately I have been drawn to rich gem tones, golds, but I have always like the contrast of black and silver.  I don't want the room to look masculine (ie with too many dark colors and lots of black), but I don't want it to be too girly and fluffy (I don't like florals).  I want a mature and elegant room, but I don't want it to look stuffy and so expensive that it is not condusive to hanging out and relaxing.  Any color schemes you could propose for the walls, bed, and curtains would be awesome!  (I am scared of dark colors on the walls because I feel like the room would look too small.)  I love a dramatic look, though.  (I saw you were designing a room with a pole in it--I have a temporary room, so no pole, but I like that feel to the room!)  I want the bed to be the focus.  I love candles and plants.  I hope this gives you a decent idea as to where to go with this!  Thanks for any ideas you can give me!

Hi courtney,
Its difficult to now where to go with this as it is a temporary room so any colour has to be considered due to it needing to be painting over when you move on.
I would initially say got for an indian sari look. which i mean golds, rich pinks and oranges with the use of sari's draped over the bed and gemmed cusions on the bed...lots of gems.
it is sexy and exotic and is something ive been planning for myself in my room.
A four poster can be achieved cheaply using sari's pinned to the ceiling on all four corners of the bed...or just half by pinning them to the two corners of the ceiling either side of the pillow end then gather in the middle above your head.
lots of luscious gemmed cusions in rich pink, orange and golds.. with candles in those colours too.
using lots of the colours and details in the rooms furnishings means that not alot needs to be done to the walls really so you can even take your erotic look with you when you go.
The walls i would do a pastal yellow with maybe a gold border at the top, so the focus is not on the walls but your beautiful bed ;)
seductive huh ?
i hope ive helped, need any more ideas just mail me back.


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