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Hi Jenny,

My wife and I live in Michigan and are in the process of building a new home.  It is a two story in kind of the craftman style and we are having trouble selecting fixture finishes.  The kitchen, dining room and great room are all together.  The kitchen we are thinking of doing a medium colored maple finish and have seen the house we are thinking of use the oil rubbed bronze finish on the plumbing fixtures, the cabinent hardware, hinges and doors, and light fixtures and think it looks great.  However, we think this may go out of style rather quickly and wonder if we should go with the antique nickel instead.  There is something about the oil rubbed bronze that we really like but don't know if we could use this, but possibly not in all the rooms or on everything.  Is it possible to mix like antique nickel with the oil rubbed finish?  We are thinking leaving the cabinent hardware, the hinges and the locksets oil-rubbed but then choose antique nickel for the kitchen faucet and possible the pendant lights that hang over the island and kitchen sink.  Is this possible to do without it looking strange?  If you have seen or done this, would you have any images that you could send me?  Can we leave all the hinges in the house and the doorknobs oil-rubbed but then incorporate the antique or brushed nickel hardware or light fixtures and have it look nice, or shoud we try to do it all one finish?

Thanks for your help and look forward to hearing from you.

Holland, MI

Hi Mike!

Congrats on your new home, and thanks for writing with your question.  I'm really going to go out on a limb here and help you try to answer your own question.  Let me start by saying that I am not a person that wants everything the same, so my preference is to mix and match rather than be matchy matchy.  I personally feel that if everything is "the same" it's boring.  

Now - if you are the type person who prefers that everything match, pick one and do one finish in the open space.  If you like variety in furnishings (like an old piano in the same room with a computer) then you'll probably be very happy with a mixture of finishes.  

From a decorator's standpoint, most would recommend that everything within eyeshot (i.e. a great room or open floor plan) be the same finish.  I think since you love the oil-rubbed look so much that you should use it for your cabinetry and opt for either the same finish or the nickle finish on the faucets and light fixture.  

If I've confused you, I sincerely apologize.  I just believe that people should use the things in their homes that they're truly excited about/love, like you love that oil-rubbed finish!

Regards and blessings,

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