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We are moving and the only items we are determined to incorporate are: a red microfiber couch, 50" flat screen, and our cherished round, oak Mickey Mouse coffee table. Our new entry has a blank wall on one side leading the eye straight ahead into the kitchen doorway, the other side opens onto the living room with blank white walls and an ugly brick fireplace. We love primaries & whimsy but were hoping for a bit more cohesion & style in the new place. I was considering painting the kitchen cabinets bright red but otherwise have no clue for flooring, wall color, or decorating. Any direction would be appreciated.

One suggestion is to paint all the walls "a color" - not white.  You can paint the brick fireplace as well.  If nothing else - paint the room in a rich, wonderful color and paint the fireplace brick white.  You could even sponge paint white over the brick which will make it appear sandblasted or aged.  

Since you have red (and I love red a lot) consider using shades of green for some of the walls. Your options range the gammut from sagey green (dark) to celery green (pale) and everything in between.  Green is red's color opposite, meaning simply that they enhance one another.

The other primary color you can successfully use with red is yellow.  You may find that yellow will work best in a kitchen area, and/or along that long hallway with the view of the kitchen.

Don't forget to use other shades of red as well (if you like) such as the terra cotta tones.  

I'd opt to keep the flooring neutral, and since whimsy is appealing to you, I'd concentrate the color on the walls.  Wood, laminates or ceramic tiles are workhorses and require less upkeep than carpet.  If you're satisfied with your wooden Mickey coffee table, maybe you should consider using a wood or wood laminate floor.  

Hope this gives you ideas.  If not, write back and we'll try again.


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