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Dear Jenny, my family is building a new home and I am completely overwhelmed about paint colors. I have no idea if it is ok to do a number of colors in different rooms or if I should stick with one base color for the whole house. I love earth tones and my living room is mostly beige and greens. However, I also have violets in the bedroom and many art pieces that have vibrant blues, reds and yellows that are in my current dining room. Do you have any suggestions on how to put it all together in the new house. I am steps away from hiring a decorator to come take over. Thanks.


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing.  If you feel lost, you probably should hire a decorator to help you "color sculpt" your home.  You're off to a good start in knowing what tones you like and want.  

Your home can incorporate as many colors as you choose.  The cookie cutter "model" homes of modern suberbia are often painted all one color.  That's done purposely to make the entire space appear larger.  

Break your colors at natural start/stop points, and use the colors in your home that appeal to you most.  

Putting it together simply means that you should keep the same "hue" value throughout the paint treatment.  If you look at a sample paint stip, you will see several "hues" of the same color.  If you find a green and love the third from the top, you can find a purple/violet strip and the third from the top (same paint manufacturer) shade of purple/violet will be the same hue value as the green.  By choosing "same hue value" you can incorporate your colors seamlessly.  

The premise here is to create a color sculpture by combining same hue values in different colors.  You would not want to use pale green in one room and a dark purple in an adjacent space.

Hope this helps.  If you hire a decorator, tell him/her your color preferences and let them handle it for you!


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