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I recently moved into a townhome that is a raised ranch style with an english basement, the upstairs is very open with vaulted ceilings and lots of windows.  I painted the upstairs a light neutral tan color.

Running along one wall of the kitchen and around the corner down a short hallway is a built in plant shelf, the wall goes up 9 feet, then is inset about a foot and a half and reaches the angled part of the ceiling.  I want to put something up there, but I don't want to put the standard fake ivy plants that look kind of cheezy.  Is there an alternative?

The house is pretty much undecorated, so, I don't have to worry about matching a theme or anything.  I hope my explanation makes sense (it's so hard without being able to show a picture).  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Your explanation was great, and you gave me good background information.  Thanks for that.  

As for the shelf/alcove running around the ceiling, consider one or both of these; art objects (particularly colorful ones,) and/or low voltage lights.  The "rope"  lights that have been so popular of late would be a great addition, adding a touch of light at the ceiling.

While I don't think plants on a shelf are necessarily cheesy, they are dust catchers and require regular maintenance to make them appear "real".  

Otherwise, you could consider painting this portion of the wall a darker color - an accent shade - for some drama in the room.


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