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Hi!  I have a sliding glass door in my kitchen that leads out to the back yard.  It is opened several times a day to let the dog out and in, the kids out and in, etc.  I am having a difficult time finding ideas for non-traditional window treatments for this door.  Currently we are using vertical blinds, but each time we need to open the door, we have to open the blinds, move them over, then move them back and close them again when the dog comes in. Besides being inconvenient, I don't particularly like the look of vertical blinds either.  I would like to find something more creative and unique.  Daytime privacy is not a concern, but the sun gets so bright sometimes that we need to close the blinds, plus at night I prefer to have them closed as well.  I love the idea of a faux-stained glass look, but I do not want to cover the windows permanently because I need to keep an eye on my kids as they are playing in the back yard.  As my decorating style is funky and whimsical, a traditional sheer curtain between two heavier curtains does not appeal to me.  This door is in the center of the main living space in my house and could easily become a dramatic focal point if I can find the right window treatment.  I am quite crafty and would enjoy making this myself.  Do you have any ideas on what I can use to cover my sliding glass doors, or a a suggestion for a resourse of non-traditional window treatments?  

Thank you so much for any advice on this matter.  I am looking forward to your answer.

Hi Kara,

To accomplish all that you want, keep the blinds.  You can leave them open during the day and use them for privacy at night and on those occasions when the sun is prevalent.  Visit your local Home Depot (Lowe's doesn't have this particular item) and purchase a product called "ArtScape" from the blinds/wallpaper section.  These panels come in a tube, in several designs (which are all on display) and they are "clings".  They're adhered with a spritz of water and evened out with a squeegee, so install is simple.  You'll need "several" (check size of the area you want to cover and then size on the package) to cover sliders, but they are NOT permanent, you can see through them to watch your kids while they still give a good amount of privacy.  These are about $19 each, are re-usable (you can take them down, roll them up and use them again) and as I said come in a variety of styles from "sky" to "mission".  

Another option is to "outline" or frame your sliders with a scarf window treatment, giving it a finished look with or without the blinds being closed.  


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