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We currently bought an older home and are in the process of redecorating the bedroom. We have stained the strim in a Varathane Cabernet' color. Similar to Red Mahogany to match furniture and older woodwork in the home. Our bed currently rests with the head board between two windows in the room. The problem is when you look at the bed, facing the headboard, the bed looks offset because the windows are offset. Someone before us added a closet to the room and on the far right side of the room the window buts up right to the closet. Then going left you have the window, a wider space, then another window, and some space between that window and the wall on the left. In order to position the bed correctly in the room we are offset the windows slightly and the wall still looks goofy becuase the window on the right has no space to the right. While the window on the left has space on either side. The bedroom is on the front of the house. Is there anyway to make the wall look more even, with some type of treatment? Is it possible to hide the difference of space on either side of the windows? I have seen where people have covered up the wall, but then we dont have the front windows to open up for air, and to look out of. I know you could place the bed in the middle of the room that way, but you loose the windows. Any suggeestions that you might be able to give or any website that I can see some examples of such a problem and possible solutions? Thanks for any free advice you can give. Thanks for your help.

Yes.  Cover the space that is now closet floor to ceiling with fabric.  Do the same to the opposite side (to the left of the left-side window).  Then "connect" the two panels of fabric with a "topper" window treatment of additional fabric.  One extra long rod would do the trick, leave both windows on either side of the bed exposed for light and air flow, and "center" the bed.


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