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Hi Linn, I need your help. Ok I have this really bright blue dresser. Well the paint I bought said turquoise, but it just looks blue to me. I gave it like a weathered antique look. So that tames it down a liitle. the problem is I've decided to go with totally different colors to redecorate my room. I want to have a natural earthy feel. I just started painting my room like a real light brown. I want to have brown, green,and yellow in my bedroom. So can you please help me find a way to blend all of these together.

Dear Stacy,
I have been thinking for several days about your room and the combinations of colours.
The most obvious solution is, of course, to repaint the dresser in a colour that fits with the rest of the colours in the room. A pale, weathered yellow would look splendid to the light brown walls.

On the other hand, I assume you have already thought this over and do not want to repaint it (again) since you contact me. Do not panic! There is a stylish solution to the situation. The trick is to theme the room. With the colours you want to use I suggest you use the theme "beach" or something similar.

Why does this work? Well, by thinking in themes you automatically go for the shades and nuances that fit together. You also choose accessories that go with the rest of the room. On a beach, in the woods etc. you don not find anything that clashes - even though there are many different colours going on.

Hence, the beach theme in your case would mean: light brown walls = sand, blue dresser = sea, yellow and green = reed and rush. Keep the light brown as the dominant colour i.e. walls, preferably a light floor (wooden floor if at all possible), very pale curtains (preferably linen). Keep the accessories in the same shades - large pebbles, tall bamboo sticks in a large vase etc.

Hope this will help you see a solution for your room.

Best of luck!

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