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We are building a new house with an open concept and an open balcony looking from the second floor down the the livingroom.  The dining room/kitchen/hall floor will be a medium brown wood in an earth tone (no red or gold).  The walls will be off-white.  I would like to do an accent wall in the dining room and the back wall of the balcony.  Both walls are visible when you walk in the front door.  You see the dining room wall through the arch from the livingroom and the balcony wall at the top of the stairs which is above and to the right of the archway.  My dining room set is basically, brown.  My livingroom furniture is hunter green leather with carmel colored nailheads.  I brought home a sample of light/medium green carpet several shades lighter than the furniture.  But it reminds me of bedroom carpet.  I am used to livingroom carpet that is neutral or darker.  Now, I am thinking of caramel carpeting in the living room and up the stairs.  Does this sound accepteble?  What color would you suggest for the accent walls?  Also, I am thinking of blinds on the windows, with sheer window scarves in hunter, camel and red.  Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.  
Thank you.


Thanks for writing.

I think the caramel neutral carpet would look the best with the furniture...and if you ever change the furniture or want another look in the room, this would be your best bet!

As far as the wall color, consider a terra cotta or maroon. For window treatemts get dark wood blinds which will tie together nicely your furniture and hardwood in other areas of the house. I like the idea of scarves, but instead of the red with caramel and green, try to get the same color as you use on your accent wall with the caramel and green to tie everything together.

Good luck.


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