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I have an open floor space for my kitchen, dining, ane livingroom.  The cabinets are white washed maple, the floors are natural whiteoak in living and diningroom. Kitchen is ceramic tile with a real lite terracotta, white and grey mixed in together.

What colors would look good?  I don't really care for dark colors.  I have south facing windows so the area gets alot of natural light during the day.  My kitchen and one wall of my dining room is painted a medium tone terra cotta color right now.  My furniture is kaki color leather  

Hi Teresa,
To be honest i think you should go for something very light and neuteral so the focus is not taken off your lovely wooden rooms and the terracotta is the little hint of colour you needed.
So to tie it all together i would go for something very basic and light and neuteral.
I hope this has helped.
Any more questions just mail us back.
Take care and have fun.


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