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I am a college student who needs to keep life simple! I am removing all the clutter from my room at home and want to give it a facelift before school starts this fall. I have a small 10'x13' room with one window. I have tried to arrange the furniture to make the most use of the space and leave myself with a space to add a big comfy chair to read or study in. (see picture at Walls are currently sea foam green and I'm tired of it. The big corner computer table/desk and file cabinet all need to be painted. The t.v. cabinet can also be painted. the only things my mom would prefer me not paint are the oak chest of drawers and the white wash footboard and headboard for the bed (it is half of a this end up bunk bed set). I flip-flop on carpet (grey, but it won't go with the oak?) or a wood laminate floor (would have to have an area rug to dampen sound? and make it comfy for my feet). I want color, but don't want it to define the room. I like blue. I'm not big on pastels. I like jewel tones also. I am taking the mirror bi-fold doors off the closet and hanging a shower curtain, sheet or panel of fabric there because the furniture extends about 6" into the closet door opening on both sides, but I want my big comfy chair! Help? I can't figure out what color to paint the walls and desk and "curtain" for the closet, and what to do with the floor. The bed comforter is open for discussion also as my mom sews. I am considering covering the bottom three shelves of the bookcase with fabric on a spring rod to cut down on dust collection there. And just to complicate it more, the hutch on top of the corner computer desk can be removed and stored elsewhere. Hopefully the floor plan will help. Thanks! Kaitlyn


Unfortunatly, the picture did not come up that you sent, so I am going to go by what you have told me.

Lets start with the floor and work our way up and around the room. I suggest dark wood floors, such as a deap mahogany color to ground the space. Get wood with very little vains. For the wall color, go with blue sense you like it so much. I suggest a pale blue with a grey tone to it. You should definatly see the grey in it, but there will also be a pale blue hue to it. For the floors, get a large area rug in 1 tone to keep a simple, uncluttered look. I suggest a creamy white shagg area rug. Look at for great priced rugs.

Now for your furniture, you may want to try painting it in the washed white like your bed. For accents in the room, use silver in things such as candle sticks or window rods. Also use black accents in things such as picture frames. I suggest black and white larghe pictures in white double matting and black thick frames. Try making a grouping of three going across 1 of your walls. I love blowing up fun close up pictures of family and friends and turning them into black and whites. This is what I call inexpensive, but priceless artwork!

As far as fabric for your closet and window treatments, get something white the blue from your walls mixed ideally with blacks, dark browns and creamy whites.

For a side chair, get a brown leather and if you have room a matching ottoman. Look at for inexpensive chairs and also and

What I have done it staged your room to be a 1940's hollywood glamor feel. Its sheek, simple, and uncluttered...and most important it's classic!

Good luck.


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