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Hi Ben,
The painters are coming this weekend and I've been trying to get some color advice from every source imaginable.  

I'm looking for a paint color for my dining room. There's a chair rail in the dining room and I'm thinking about painting the dining room in BM straw or golden straw with an accent wall in BM tucson red. If I do an accent wall in the dining room, it will be the wall that's shared with and opens into the the living room and foyer. Alternatively, I could paint above the chair rail in one color and below in another. I don't know what to do in this room and I'm open to any color suggestions and advice (but I would rather not use green).  BTW, floors are a reddish-orange hardwood. I don't have any colors in the dining room yet, so it's a blank canvas.  

I have an adjoining living room which will be painted BM chestertown buff. The living room will have a bluish-sage green couch and two accent chairs with brown, deep green and gold pattern. The wood furniture in the living and dining rooms will be dark (coffee color).   

Also, part of the kitchen wall, which will be painted BM palladium blue, can be seen from the dining room. Foyer, also visible from the dining room, will be BM straw or golden straw.

What are your thoughts about colors for the dining room?  Thank you!!

Hi Lyn,
I think the yellow would be a great color choice. It sounds like it would work well with your other colors in the house and go well with the furniture and flooring.

The room will be sure to be bright and full of vibrent color with the red and yellow.

Good luck.


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