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I have an open floor plan with my living room dining room and kitchen all been visable.  

My floors are natural white oak

Kitchen cabinets are white washed maple

Counter tops are white

Living room furniture is Taupe leather

Trim is White

I am getting ready to paint again and the current color I have is sage green.  Everyone that comes to the house loves it and says it is very inviting and cool.  

I am going to paint again but this time I am thinking about citrus sage.  I don't like dark colors at all.  What colors could I accent with?

I don't currently have any window coverings because I can't make up my mind on fabric.  

Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated.  If you don't agree with the color choice please let me know.  

I live on the coast of ga so I really want to keep things bright and airy.  I have bay windows in the dining room, french doors in the living room which are almost beside the bay windows and another 6' window in the living room along with a window in the front door.  

Thanks for your help  

Dear Teresa,
   I am not sure what exactaly citrus green looks like, but I am imagining a light green color, all though this is a beautiful color it might be too vibrant of a color for your main color on the walls. I think a neutral light blue would look nice and give a coastal cool look to the room. I like Eminence 550E-2 from
To continue the look of coolness I would suggest getting a light mint color for drapery. If you choose a med tone color for the walls then it usually looks best if your drapery is a darker or lighter tone. If you do decide to go with the light mint color drapery then I think having some jadeite pieces for the dining and kitchen would look nice to display.
I also think adding a white or off white rug for the living area will section this space off and feel like its own space. I hope this will help, and if this is not at all what you had in mind please email me at and we can work together to get something you do like. Have fun decorating.

Rachel Mallon

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