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We've just purchased a house in which the paint colors in the
family room I feel really need to be changed. The room has a
brick fireplace with an unstained wooden trim and the accent
wall of the fireplace is a dull chocolate brown. The side walls
have the suede finish paint from Ralph Lauren: the upper half
above the chairail is also a muddy beige, with the lower half
echoing the accent wall with an X cross-hatching finish in suede
texture of dull brown. Since the room is small and has only 2
windows, I feel it need a lot of bright color. What would nicely
set off the brick fireplace (it's not in the best of condition,and
I'm tempted to just paint it white). IS this a good idea? How can I
keep the idea of an accent wall but brighten it will lighter color?
What would you suggest.




Well the possiblity of the fireplace being the focal point of eyesight here with a lighter color can show off the fireplace which is not in good condition so therefore your idea to paint and repair seems the best to start with then prime the walls and thing of the color of the fireplace.

if not try coral colors or even some lighter beige to get the color to be lighter.


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