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Hello, We are getting ready to redecorate our living and dining room.  The living room is a decent size for a townhouse (approx. 21 x 16 feet).  I've chosen fabric for sofa (cranberry background with flowers), wing chair (stripe) and other chair (green). The colors for both of the chairs are in the sofa.  The valances that I will have at dining room and living room windows are the same fabric as sofa.  There is a very light color in the sofa fabric which I would describe as cream or very very light tan that I think we will use for the walls.  I wonder if it would look ok if I used the background color of the sofa as an accent wall? Another question I have is should the ceilings be painted the same color as the walls or should the  ceiling be painted white.  We have wood trim around the doorways and windows and baseboards at bottoms of walls.  All of this wood trim is painted white and the mantel of fireplace is also white.  We plan to get new carpet too.  I thought I should chose a neutral color.  Tan maybe but not too light.  For the last 8 years I've had green carpet which I am just sick to death of. Does the color of the carpet have to be the same shade as the wall if I use that light tan color since they might be so similar? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
I really do appreciate that you are willing to read this very long email and make suggestions if you have time.  Thanks so very much.  
Barb Carden

Hi Barb, Sounds like you are creating a wonderful room.  I would avoid adding an accent wall in the cranberry.  This is a dated look and will advance the wall visually. Add the cranberry in other ways, i.e. area rug, matting on wall art, floral arrangement. Always use your accent color at least 3 times. I like the idea of the ceiling and walls all the same color. Kick it up a notch and make the neutral color a bit more intense to balance all the dark color you have in the room. Pick your color to match exactly and then go to the next color on the strip. Keeping the carpet neutral is a good idea.  I agree with get so sick of a colored flooring.  Happy Decorating, JoAnne Lenart-Weary  

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