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I wanted to get your opinion on painting or decorating.  We live in a small 3 bedroom 2 bath house approx 1200 sq feet.  Our living room walls are pretty beat up (3 small children) and I would like to do something but am not good at colors or ideas.  My walls now are an off white color.  My carpet is a grayish blue color and my couch is a blue plaid.  I have some burgandy topper curtains but they are very inexpensive and can be replaced.  My daughters bedroom is a very baby blue but we will probably change that to lavendar when she is older.  My boy's bedroom is a darker blue.  I would like to stay away from yet another blue room.  I know it is hard to tell me without seeing my room, but do you have any suggestions on what I could do with my walls?  I am getting a little tired of the white!  I know I could probably border or wallpaper, however, that is something that I would have to get someone to do for me.  If you need more info, I would be happy to give it to you.  Thank you for your help.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  First of all congratulations on wanting to rid yourself of those white walls.  

You may want to consider using a pale yellow for the living area.  When you purchase paint for this project, be sure to purchase a "satin" finish or some paint companies call it "eggshell".  This wears longer, cleans easier and with children around, makes all the sense in the world!  

I don't like to recommend wallpaper only because it's difficult to remove, and everyone eventually wants to get rid of what they spent time and money to put up!  

Paint is versatile - you can use various techniques for applying it like rag rolling, stippling or sponging; it's economical in that the expensive part of painting is the time involved; and it's the easiest way to make a new and updated/clean statement in a room.

If yellow doesn't appeal to you, consider using taupe.  My favorite is Glidden's Toasty Grey.  It goes well with blues, blacks, burgandies -- you name it, it's a great neutral.  

Visit for information and "how to" do some painting techniques.  You might surprise yourself at what a great job you can do.  

Hope this has helped you.  

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