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I have a small (approx. 12' x 10') home office room that gets little light and I want to paint one wall with a medium sagey-green as an accent. I just can't figure out which wall! So here's the layout: when you walk in, directly in front of you on the back wall is a double window with dark brown slatted wood blinds. There's only a little wall space on either side of the window, and I'm thinking the brown against the green will be awful.  On the right-hand wall is a large dark wood desk with the computer.  On the left wall opposite the computer is a large mirror, reflecting light from the window and, of course, the desk. On the entry wall is a narrow French door with glass panes and white trim that you walk through, plus a small closet with a white trim door to one side. I'm thinking the entry wall would take the green easily because it would be offset by the white trim; and it would offer an element of surprise because you won't notice the color until you enter the room and turn around to sit down. Your thoughts would be most appreciated.  P.S. All the books say to use pale colors, particularly yellow, to brighten and visually enlarge small rooms. The background color of the rug is a pale olive-cream yellow, and I'm thinking of painting the rest of the room in that color; I'm just afraid it will go "pukey" on me if on three walls!  The current wall color is a sickly pale green that matches nothing! Perhaps the sagey green on all FOUR walls would add the interest and drama I'm looking for?  (There are deep red and deep-tone green accents throughout the furnishings.) Your ideas would be MOST appreciated.

Please got to link to see designs for your space.

Dear Ellen,
  I like the idea of not seeing the green until you walk in and turn around. I would offset the green by adding the same color green in drapery or on an upholstery piece. I dont think brown and yellow look good next to each other, so I wouldnt choose yellow for the walls, also you dont want to paint the walls the same color as your carpet because it can be too much of one color. To lighten up the space and still look nice with the rest of your decor than I would paint it this pueblo sand from behr paint. Good Luck and hope this helps. If you would like to see something different than please email me at for further assistance.

Rachel Mallon

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