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I recently acquired for free 2 couches. I love the style and they are extremely comfortable. However, the colors are awful. The current material on the couches is some type of velour. My question is can these couches be painted? I got this idea form watching Trading Spaces. Hildi painted a couch and when it dried she commented that the texture was a velour-ish feel.  But of course she never explained where she got this paint. I have found fabric paint but they come in 1 oz. tubes and seem to be more for clothing; painting designs on jeans and t-shirts and such. I also was told that those paints have a rough and hard feel when they dry. My only options to change the couches would be to 1) re-upholster them or cover them myself or 2) I was hoping to find this upholstery paint which was used on Trading Spaces and simply paint them. Any suggestions?

I believe I saw the episode you are speaking of, and honestly think Hildi used regular paint.  I'm not saying I'd recommend that however.

The craft store sells a solvent/solution that can be added to paint, allowing it to be used on fabric.  I don't know about the pliability of the product though, and also have no idea about cost.  

My best suggestion -- visit and purchase some slipcovers.  Some of the Sure Fit line is carried in Bed, Bath & Beyond as well.

Good luck.

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