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I have a sea green colored carpet, which I'm going to keep. However I am planning on changing the wallpaper and go with paint and also change the curtains. The furniture is Teak .. so its a medium brown color.

Now the thing is I want to be able to change my bedsheets to different color combinations and pattern. Currently I am hampered by the fact that both my wallpaper and curtain has a pattern on it. So I have to stick with solid colors.

I don't want to go too neutral..hey I think its very boring staring at white or ash white or off white walls lol...have too many of those around the house. So I want my room to have more personality.

For the curtain I'm thinking may be white flowy chiffon. Should I just cover half the window as opposed to the curtain going to the ground? I have a small room so I assume this might give it more of a cleaner look?

For the walls ... now thats the confusing part. Too many options :)

May be a very light soft sea green (I love the color), or I can highlight one wall in a peach color and the rest (? don't want to do cream). I like purple as well but may be not for the walls. Definitely don't want to use blues. So that's one thing I'm sure about :)

Ok so the main problem I think is I want walls with personality and yet I want to be able to use color and pattern around the room (bedsheets etc) which will go more with a neutral color.

So any ideas?

Thanx so much!!!!!!!!


Thanks for writing.

As far as you window treatments, try putting your treatment on a thick rod about 12" above your window and let it fall in to the floor to give your small room height.

for your walls, I suggest you choose two walls across from each other and paint those a fun color, then choose a more neutral color for the apposing walls. I would stay away from greens...there is enough in the carpet. A purple (lighter lavender tone) may be a great accent color for two walls, then choose a peach that complements the purple for the other walls. You can also have colors toned down at the paint store if you want to use the same color all around, but want the two walls to be highlighted by a bolder color. They will just add white or cream to the paint.

Good luck.


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