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Hi Jenny,
I have a weird question.  Our home has mostly painted (white) floorboard trim.  However, the family room level is all natural colored (oak probably) with a big oak fireplace/ built in.  My question is that we have updated an exterior door (steel) and the closet door right next to the new door.  We painted the doors white like the rest of the house but they look weird since the trim is wood.  So do I paint them an oak shade of brown to match the trim or keep them white to match the rest of the house.  They are visible from an upper level when walking down the steps.
Thank you for your opinion =)

Actually Stacey, you can leave them white to match the trim in the rest of the house or you could strip them and stain them to match the oak.  Typically all trims, facings, moldings etc. are the same throughout a house.  I've seen stained surfaces intermixed with painted ones on different floors (first floor stained, second floor painted) but never together in a room.  

Use your best judgement here.  If the white looks strange to you, change it.  Otherwise, you'll never be happy with it.


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