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I havent the faintest idea of how to "properly" pick out paint color for hour home.  We have a somewhat small space that we want to make appear bigger.  Our dining room and living room are exposed to one another, and our kitchen is exposed by a bar which enters the living room.  
We need the colors to match both our black table and cabinets, and our sage gree couch.  We have hardwood floor also.  We werent sure if we need to purchase black coffee and end tables as well inorder to make everything match. Please help.  


Thanks for writing.

You don't NEED to make everything match, but sometimes it gives better flow to a space if you bring in the same elements carried over from one room to another. As far as paint, it sounds like you might want to keep the same paint color in the living and dining rooms and then put another color in the kitchen sence this is the most divided room. As far as the kitchen, you may want to bring in the green color from you sofa. This will tie everything togtehr really nice. For the Living and Dining room, it is personal preferance. Some colors that would go will with the sage green sofa would be a plum, terra cotta, cream, and mustard yellow.

Good luck.


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