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Hi Jenny,
We are considering redecorating my 10 year old sons bedroom and have chosen a nautical theme.  We are thinking of putting in a dark blue carpet (can't afford hardwood), have found a great bed design that is mostly white with dark blue trim and has a row of gold stars, and are hoping to paint the walls gold.  My problem is - is there a good "gold" color out there in paints?  In my trip to Home Depot I only found mustardy colors which made me feel as though I may have to go the faux paint route, although I'd rather not.  Any thoughts on who might have the truest gold color out there?

Our other thought was to do the room with red, white and blue, but its a small room so I feared that red walls would make it seem small.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Cathy Sanders

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for your questions about paint color, and for writing to me.  

First, to answer your question about the color gold; it is a difficult color to master, as are all the shades of yellow that are available.  Golds, yellows have a translucent quality that allows light to filter through them.  While that sounds great, it often takes multiple coats of paint to achieve the exact color hue you're after.  

Now that I've said that I can tell you that Glidden and Ralph Lauren both have "golds" that are workable.  I'm just not sure that I'd advise using that for an 11 year old.  (If you want to look at some samples, check out Glidden's Gold Thread (more yellow than brown), Golden Champaign (more brown than yellow) or Golden Rice (it's probably the "manliest" of the group.)

Perhaps a better choice is in the range of a neutral like a taupe (Glidden's Toasty Grey) or using the red, consider a cranberry shade (Glidden's Cherries Jubilee or Wildfire).  If you opt to go with a red shade, then "top" the walls off at the ceiling with a white nautical rope.  The rope will act as a trim molding would, and can easily be installed with either a glue gun or a staple gun.  If you can't find white nautical rope, whitewash a rope with a simple solution of l/2 water to l/2 white latex paint.  It's a great look.

I love the idea of your carpet, but think you need to paint those ceilings too.  If you leave the ceilings white, and have all this wonderful color on the walls and floors, it will look odd.  Either paint the ceiling the color of the flooring (and add stars!) or make it a lighter shade of the wall color.

Hope this helps you.

PS:  If you opt to faux finish the walls, visit for step by step info and "how to's".


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