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Hello and thank you for this wonderful service.  What is the easiest way to paper over paneling?  Where do I start?  I know how to hang wallpaper, just not over paneling.  

Thanks, Beverly

Hi Beverly,

If you know how to wallpaper you need only add a couple of steps to the process to cover paneling.  First of all, clean the panels to make sure there is no grease or grime. If the paneling is dark and the wallpaper is light, you may want to prime the paneling with KILZ (non-pourous primer available at your local home improvement store)and allow that to dry overnight.  Once prepped, then size it with wallpaper sizing.  

That's it unless you want to fill in the grooves (a real pain) with joint compound and sand smooth, then prime, dry, size and paper.  

Good luck!

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