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Question - Thanks for your quick reply.  But there's to much sun light coming in from the window (faces south-east), which would damage the piano over time.  Any other ideas.

Room Dimensions: Rectangular (14 by 19).  On the short wall there is a fireplace.  On the other short wall a picture window which covers its entire length with views to the street.  As you face the fireplace, on your right is the dinning room which is open (no walls) and on your left (in the corner along the long wall) is a doorway leading to a hall.  You enter from the long sided wall adjacent to the dinning room next to the picture window.  My question is how would you layout this room and also where would you position a 6' Grand Piano.  We like a cozy, relaxing atmosphere to have conversations and to play the piano.
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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for writing and for your question about piano placement.  

Since the piano is a grand, I would consider placing it in front of the picture window so that when you are playing it, you have a view of the outside.  While you may have to angle it to accomodate the doorway, this placement is best so that it doesn't "fight" with the fireplace (the natural focal point.)  


The only other spot you could put it would be to the left of the fireplace, but my fear is that the heat from the fireplace is more damaging than the sunlight.  Sunlight can be diffused and/or controlled by several means including do-it-yourself film (available at home improvement stores in several "qualities") shades, blinds, curtains, drapes etc.  


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