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My teen dd wants pink & grey checkerboard walls. I have no idea how to paint it, nor pick the colors. The room is smallish, so I'm leaning towards lighter shades. She's wanting black furniture, but would be okay w/a dark brown. Which would look better? Also, the first wall you see when walking into the room is mostly taken up w/the windows, which wall would be the "primary" wall for the checkerboard? Should I do 2 checkerboard and two solid? 1 checkerboard 3 solid? 3 solid all same color? I'm clueless!
Thank you so much!

Hi Catherine, I would do the checkerboard wall where her bed is because it will create more of a focal point. I would only do this wall in the checkerboard and maybe the light gray for the other walls. I would implement a solid pink in the bedding to give the room balance. If the bedding is too patterned it is going to compete with the wall. I really like pink with dark brown so I would go with the dark brown wood for the furniture. I would have pillows and any other accessories in the pink and gray. I got these instructions on how to paint a checkerboard wall from HGTV.

flat latex paint
low-tack painter's tape
notched trowel
pre-mixed drywall compound
baby wipes
pencil or chalk

  1. Base-coat walls with latex paint in desired color.
  2. Use a level and pencil or chalk to mark a grid of eight-inch squares lightly on the wall. Make an "X" in every other box in every other row to designate the boxes that will be plastered.
  3. Tape-off every other square in one row. Skip up two rows and repeat the taping process on the same squares as the first row. Continue skipping every other row due to the plaster dry time using the first row as a guide for masking the squares.
  4. Use a notched trowel and apply drywall compound to the squares surrounded by tape. Repeat to achieve desired coverage. Drag or comb the notched end through the material to make interesting patterns.
  5. Once satisfied with texture, carefully remove the tape around the squares to create a clean edge. Do this before the compound dries completely or it will crack . Repeat on all taped squares and let dry overnight.
  6. Tape the alternate squares in the rows previously skipped. Follow the same pattern , masking the corresponding squares in the second group of rows to complete the checkerboard effect. Repeat Steps 4 and 5.
  7. Use baby wipes to remove plaster mistakes.

Hope this information helps and Good Luck!

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