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I have recently bought a house that has a wonderful solarium.  I am very ecologically challenged and would appreciate any tips on what type of plants to have in there.  I would love lots of different colors!!!

In a nice solarium you can of course have a lot of different plants. You did not write where you live so I really do not know what kind of climate you live in. I have assumed you live in a temperate area. If this is totally wrong, please write again.  

I always find that Mediterranean plants make excellent plants for the solarium. Also plants with thicker leaves such as succulents, olive trees, nerium etc. cope with the climate better than plants with very thin and delicate leaves.

Different kinds of citruses make excellent solarium plants. They blossom with the most fragrant white flowers at the same time as the carry fruit. If you like you also can grow wine and produce your own grapes.

If you'd like something really colourful you can grow painted nettle (Coleus Blumei). They come in all different colours, are very easy to grow and give an impression of tropics and something very exotic.

Personally I am also very fond of pelargoniums, especially the fragrant ones. There are pelargoniums with a scent of chocolate, roses, lemon and even nutmeg or cinnamon. There also are pelargoniums with red leaves or with leaves in three colours.  

Best of luck with your solarium and again, if you live in an area with another kind of climate than I have assumed, please write again.


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