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Hi Jenny:  Now that you've helped me with my kitchen, I need your expertise regarding my powder room redo.  It is quite small (5' x 5') and off of our foyer.  When you open the door to the left, the sink is in front of you on the left side of the room and the toilet is next to it on the right side.  We are replacing the laminate countertop on our whitewash vanity with a speckled (all shades of brown) granite top. Faucet and sink are biscuit color. I plan to replace the light fixture, faucet, and towel bar with oiled bronze finish. I plan to take the mirror(attached to the wall) above the sink off and replace it with a framed one (note sure what type yet, thinking oval).  What do you think so far?  Here's a "placement" question:  I previously had a framed picture of a doorway on a tuscan type building surrounded by vines and greenery (I'm sure you've seen those around) above the toilet, but, if I put a framed mirror over the sink, will it be too much for a picture to be next to it above the toilet? If so, should I leave the wall space empty over the toilet and put a picture on the wall to the right of it ,where the towel bar will be? or what else can you suggest to decorate it a bit?  The only wall to put something on is over the toilet or the wall on the right side of the room.  I'm not one for alot of "chachky".  Appreciate your advice.

Glad you were pleased enough to write again.  I love treating these tiny spaces (powder rooms) like jewel boxes.  If you think about that, you'll quickly see that darker paint works well in these spaces.  

I agree that removing the attached mirror is a good idea.  I'd get as fancy a mirror as I could afford in an oval shape.  (Check stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls for some great finds.)  

As for hanging art over the toilet, I probably would not.  If you like the art piece and want to use it, put it on the right-hand side wall.  

Consider using darker paint in here.  It will not make the room appear smaller, just well designed.  

Make sure your lighting is good in here and in keeping with the decor.  


PS:  Your overall plan sounds really good.

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