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About a year ago we bought a new mattress, one of the extra thick kind, and to prevent it from being so high off of the ground we also bought a thinner box springs to go with it.  Since then I have been unable to find a dust ruffle that would fit because it is a 12 inch drop instead of the regular 14-15 inch drop.  I really wouldn't mind if I had a dust ruffle but with metal bed rails showing it looks awful.  We are now in the process of purchasing an upholstered headboard and I would love to find just wood bed rails instead of the metal.  To you have any suggestions to solve the problem of short dust ruffles or a way to impove the apperance of the bed?

Well, since you're purchasing the upholstered headboard, can you possibly have a dust ruffle made at that same time, from the same company?  Is that a possibility?

Or you can visit a local fabric company and purchase fabric that you can sew into a dustruffle that is the appropriate length.  Or perhaps there is a list of sewers at your local fabric supplier who are referred to customers of the store.

Finally, there are upholstery companies who will custom make a dust ruffle for you.  You can provide the fabric and they'll do the sewing based upon your measurements.

You have options, it just takes a few phone calls to find the best one.  Also, consider cost factors and timeliness of receiving the end product.  If you're in a hurry, the fabric supplier may be the best bet.

Good Luck to you!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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