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I have a large basement that I have designed and began to decorate in a classy pub style.  One wall (the stub wall) has a dark beadboard wainscotting all the way across and there is a stone fireplace also on that wall with a dark rustic mantel. I will have a sitting area in front of the fireplace. Currently I have 2 brown microsuede pub chairs in front of the fireplace.  I would like to add a rusty red sofa also.  There is also a pub table and chairs that sit in front of the beadboard down aways and to the left of the sitting area.  All the wall color is SW Mannered Gold.  At the opposite end of the fireplace we have a large dark wood built in entertainment center with a large projector screen that comes down from the ceiling.  This is our area for watching tv/movies/etc.  We have 5 dark leather theater seats in this area that are arranged in a curve.  Behind this seating area is a bar that has lighter, but warm wood cabinets, which I have added a dark brown glaze to so they would have more of a rustic look, creamy beige stone columns to match the fireplace stone, and dark arches conecting the columns.  The bar top is also dark wood.  I have tile all thru the bar and around the outside of it.  The window treatments I went with are a bistro stripe with rusty red, gold (like my walls), creamy beige like the stone, and taupe.  The rusty red is a big accent color that I have tried to spread around the room.  I have also used black as an accent in chairs for my game table, window hardware, picture frames (because I have a built in picture wall opposite the entertainment wall), etc.  Getting to my you think it is okay to add a slate blue to this color scheme?  I keep looking at the space and I think it needs an additional color.  Otherwise the colors are mostly various shades of brown, gold on the walls and accents of rusty red and black.  I have looked at a slate blue pillow with my striped window panels and even though the panels do not have any blue, in my eye it looks good with it and gives the room that extra pop of color.  I have also been looking for some other slate blue accessories to spread around, but have had no luck.  Do you know where I could find some or what I should look for?  Keep in my the feeling I am trying to create is a mixture of pub style/gameroom feel, however I want a classy look (no neon signs or cheesy tin signs.  Any suggestions for accessories and or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  

There's no doubt that you're well on your way to a great space.  I think the slate blue is a good idea, but I also think a shade of green would really make the space "pop".  It's probably going to be easier to find the "feel" you're looking for in accessories in a green, only because it's a more traditional color.  

Check any restaurant supply stores in your area for accessories.  You may find both slate blue and greens there.  I'd also consider adding some art that depicts the feel you've created so well with color.


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