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since asking the question I have begun to not like the combination of blue and red in the room what good accent colors would go well with a blue, the shade is between cyan and probably royal blue?
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I am redoing my room and I plan on doing the room blue (its actually called clear ocean blue) and the trim red with black accents ( one shelving unit). I have a walk in closet and my question is could I paint the inside of the closet red or should it be the same color as the  rest of the room there are also 2 shelves in the closet and it has the same kind of trim as the rest of the world, what do you suggest?
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Dear Tahira,

Generally red is not a good color on walls in a small room (such as a walk in closet). It makes the room feel smaller than it really is.
My suggestion is that you keep the closet in the same style as the rest of your room. In that way, the closet becomes a part of the unity of the room rather than an obscure little place next to it.

Best of luck!

You can combine blue - even such a 'punchy' shade of blue  as the one you describe - with several different colours. Three good choices are:
- gray for a sleek, elegant effect
- mahogany for an exclusive feeling or
- white for a crisp fresh look

Which colour you choose depends of what style you want.  

Good luck with your room!

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